Good Early Morning To All! 

This young man(Born February 5th, 2018) – my co-pilot – is being transferred under Kanata Animal Hospitals Care and we want to immensely thank Dr. Chauvet, Dr. Schwartz and all of the amazing team members of Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital once more for all that they have done for this adorable 5 month old Berner! We could not have asked for better care, kindness and support! 

PayPal: $0.88 in fees taken 

BILLS TO DATE: $1,547.78

After he has his next recheck exam – scheduled for 11:30 AM @ KAH – we will then update as we can. 

Since June – a brief history – it was suspected that he had meningitis and O. declined to do diagnostics to confirm, so he was treated symptomatically. 

He has been to Alta Vista Emerge for unresolved neck pain too and was also there for vomiting – left without been seen and then came back the next morning. 

Then when he was brought back into emerge for vomiting, excessive drooling, unable to settle, not eating etc., Intussusception was also suspected. O. surrendered and we took over his care when approached to assist.

Ultrasound, X-rays, a CT Scan, exams, IV fluids, meds, bloodwork and sedation were all done as part of the proactive diagnostics. 

One tech said in his diarrhoea yesterday, they saw what they believed to be a piece of red ribbon. He has had one diarrhea stool since I first got my hands on him last evening and there is definitely small bits and pieces of ‘something’ in it. 

He is urinating very well – three since 6 pm last night, drinking fine and having small meals of Gastro – could be eating better yet he is at least eating. 

He was prescribed the Gastro for possible IBD and/or gastroenteritis and is on cerenia, metronidazole, omeprazole and panacur. He was given a B12 injection plus droncit too.

This sweet boy has had several visits to Alta Vista Animal Emergency since June. 

Donations to his care can be made via: 

Email transfer to


PayPal to


Direct to Kanata Animal Hospital
440 Hazeldean Road 
*he has a file under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Account – listed as ‘No Name’ right now – so, he needs a name! 

His most recent Rescue Angels are:
Allison J.
John G.
Catalin N. 

Thank you to each and every person that is rooting for him and also to those that may consider donating to his cause – even $5 is unbelievably generous.

Having finally had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time last night, he is what Dr. Chauvet and so many others have stated – A GEM!