Play Date Time!

This is The Mavie’s face & reaction today when I told him we were going for a special car ride!  It is his turn to have a Day play visit with a fabu person who won this date with him in our annual one of a kind date auction. 

He is a true Iron Man – 4 front leg surgeries thanks to the expertise of D. Philibert and look what he can now do – run and run he still does! Almost 6.5 years of age and he is far more healthy plus happier now than when he first arrived to us as an adolescent. 

Maverick (BHRR Haven Dog) – you are our now over $25,000 stunning BBBBB and the world would have missed out on such an amazing soul should you not have been helped. We feel honoured to have been asked to help you all those years ago….and we remain 100% committed to your wellbeing.

We adore you and that now frosted face of yours makes you even more handsome!

Have a great play date today you awesome boy!