March 12th, 2018

On the 5 month old beautiful female Harl puppy we were contacted to assist in Brazil. We are calling her BHRR’s Valentine – first came on our radar February 14th – and she needs surgery on her hind end and appears to also be visually impaired.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get our hands on her last week. 

YET….we got her today! We were able to pick her up today! YES! YES! YES!

She does not stand much of future in Brazil and we believe that dogs do not know borders or countries.

I have just sent over to Maira $700 to help cover 14 days of boarding – $30/day, $100 for food and the rest for vetting to start.

We are trying to move as fast as we can to get her safely to Canada.

We are going to need some help to make this next miracle happen…..we really need Brazilian Rescue Angels to please surround her with support and help us help her. 

Thank you in advance for any consideration to her cause.

The earliest that I have been told that she can come is third week of April and here is the link to her Fundraising Page via YouCaring.

OR Donations can be made:

Email Transfer: gwen@birchhaven.org


PayPal: gwen@birchhaven.org

ANYTHING would be SO appreciated….Even $5 is not too little.