Some things are just meant to be challenging I guess!
Today we learned that her birthdate is ~October 5th, 2017 and that she weighs 70.2 pounds(36 kg).
We are still waiting re: her height and figuring out vaccines and other proactive/preventative vetting schedule FOR we found out today that she has KC and cannot be boarded at the Vet Hospital. 🙁
The Vet has said that she has an ‘inverted knee’ and this is why she will need surgery. We also believe that she is at least visually impaired in the left eye.
This is a picture of her and a ‘puppy’ friend prior to Miss Valentine being picked up.
*we are rolling up sleeves and refusing to be beaten down!* 
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We are a long way off from what we need for her and working on a flash auction item to help raise funds.