Tuesday's adventures brought BHRR's Big Ben learning to solidify a 'sit'! YAY! Of course, a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream has greatly assisted in this area plus he is now associating that 'Gwennie' is interesting and carries good things with her and is wanting to listen more and stay close. He is eating and drinking well and we just came in from being outside for almost an hour walking and playing in our almost 2+ acre fenced in yard.

He also has the 'perfect' sad/cute face in thinking that if he 'uses' it, he will be allowed on the master bed. Picture of his face is in his slideshow #6. All rewards are earned here and all dogs are very well rewarded for appropriate demonstrations of behavour and BHRR's Big Ben is well on his way to earn that 'privilege', yet he is not quite there. We do not desire to be creating any SA type of behavours.

Today was the first day, I left him all alone for three hours while I attend an appointment for my eyes. HE did superb. Went right into his crate, took the yummy treat and settled down. He was very happy to see me when I arrived home and I passively ignored him and let some of the other dogs out first and then came back to let him out.

I also took a height and BHRR's Big Ben is 34" at the whithers with another year of growing 'up' to do and then one more year after that filling out.

He is doing great and it is felt that perhaps the frost -bite is causing him some distress more on the one back leg than the other. However; I shall be bringing him with me when I work on Saturday to have the Vet exam him plus to get a current weight on him.

Though, he has a ways to go in the obedience, physical plus mental rehab areas; I already know that he would fit in any number of homes; he is just that versatile and 'accepting'. FT, PT, Semi-Retired, Retired and will excel in being a therapy dog or in obedience. Someone that is going to remain committed to his continued growth in a positive reinforcement manner.

I have added many  new pictures to his slideshow from today and am also putting two below.

His newest close play buds are BHRR's Shiva & BHRR's Apollo AND he so badly wants to be Multi CH. TAIN's close friend yet TAIN is a loyal best bud to Multi CH. Bronson first and foremost. 😉

Have I mentioned yet that I think this boy is simply GLORIOUS! 😀

BHRR's Big Ben & with Multi CH. TAIN, Multi CH. Bronson & Sir Maestro in BHRR's 2+ acre fenced in play yard – February 1st, 2011