Monday's adventures brought us the following: BHRR's Big Ben felt he could recline on leather sofas and discovered that barking at whatever was outside the ensuite windows was worth expressing his opinion at. Additionally, when I arrived home Monday night, he thought that jumping on me was a great thing. So…………he was introduced to the word of a firm 'no' and the world of spray bottles. The look on his face when the word 'no' had to be associated with a squirt from the bottle on his rump was priceless. This boy is most assuredly not used to having to follow many rules and welcome to the world of 'Gwennie's Dog Boot Camp' Big Ben. 😉 He is very quick to learn and it did not take him long to associate that I when I said 'no' or Sean said 'no' that we would follow through with enforcing the rules of the house. The spray bottle grabs his attention and we repeat the command wih his name so that he will associate what we are asking of him. He has been a great one for just walking away from us when we talk and LOL that shall also change….LOVING this boy! Now, to get him to actually focus those smarts of his on doing what we want him to do when we want him to do it. He is goofy and puppy stubborn and is not doing what he is doing to be deliberately obtuse, he clearly just does not 'get it' in the understanding that we have clear set out expectations re: behavour BUT he will! 😉 AND I am proud of how fast he is learning things. I believe he is smarter than he lets on for the persona that he gives….well, is not the brightest tool in the shed, the loveable lug!

He has felt that if we said 'no', it meant that he could still do whatever it was that he wanted to do and nope, that is not going to happen. Harmony…we live in harmony here and that means rules, rules and rules. Lots of well earned rewards for following those rules and listening and he already knows where the treat bins are!

He was quite happy to see me when I arrived home and that was nice. He is truly GLORIOUS!

Looking forward to Tuesday's adventures with him!