The Bakers Dozen – 5 of them!
DNA Prove To Be Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound
9 weeks of age
November 24th, 2017

This is at their fourth professional photo shoot!

Thanks so much again Liz Bradley for your time and patience as the puppies were being wrangled…

BHRR’s Poppy, BHRR’s Juniper, BHRR’s Everly, BHRR’s Fletcher & BHRR’s Oliver

These five are still available for future approved adoptions.

BHRR ONLY places per right match personality fits and each of these amazing pups have extremely detailed blogs from even before they were born!

Sadly, we also still have people not reading our adoption process/policies and procedures that includes our adoption area covered etc.

We remain patient…..

THANK you to Melissa Anne, Gracie Walker(AND your lovely mom, Ellen for stepping up at the last minute as we had two Volunteers end up not being in attendance), Kayla Baxter & Mason Ross Boers! – Thanks Mason also for stepping in when needed!

We are NOTHING without our absolutely incredible approved BHRR Volunteer team and so so so so grateful!