Liz & BHRR’s Oliver(Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane)
9 weeks of age
September 24th, 2017
Available For Future Approved Adoption!

Today 5 of The Bakers Dozen had their 4th Professional Photo Shoot!

BHRR’s Oliver took to Liz Bradley so fast and strongly! 

She asked me to snap a few photo’s of them and this is one of the pics! 

AREN’T they adorable?

I want to share this photo as Liz is a huge part of BHRR’s “CHAIN OF SUCCESS”

Her time and talent with professional photo’s has enabled BHRR to see so many of our BHRR animals’ *captured* so beautifully!

She is a strong link on our ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ and we are deeply blessed.

I love this photo! 

Thank you to all of the BHRR Volunteers that braved a windy day today to help puppy wrangle!

Thank you LIz for everything you do for so many in the community that has enabled more animals’ to be adopted from many r/q groups!