ISO: 4 BHRR Approved Puppy Wranglers!

This is for a fourth professional photo shoot for five of The Bakers Dozen(DNA Proven To Be Great Dane/Irish Wolfhounds).

They will then be 9 weeks of age and five are still available for future approved adoptions to right matched personality fit homes.

BHRR’s Everly
BHRR’s Juniper
BHRR’s Oliver
BHRR’s Fletcher
BHRR’s Poppy

Location: Nepean
Time: 2:30 pm for about 20-30 minutes 
Date: Friday November 24th

Please do not post here as we may miss your lovely offer!

Please do email

This photo is of Kinsley and BHRR’s Carlsberg before we got on our way to the Vets on November 7th.  A quick snuggle before he was safely secured for transport.

At this time, BHRR’s Carlsberg is under a PENDING Adoption and we will update as we know more re: the status of if this application is going to be approved.