Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Everly had her recheck with Dr. Liston today!

She weighed 7.4 kgs(16.28 pounds). For a litter born so emaciated and tiny they have made immense progress and now at 6.5 weeks of age are mid to top average for Giant Breed Puppy growth. Go babies go!

Her repeat x-rays showed that her green stick fracture is now 80% healed and that she is doing fabu! Yay!

Per Dr. Liston, she can also go up for adoption for application taking today also! So, stay tuned…we will have 7 of The Bakers Dozen making their special announcements tonight.

Next week, we hope to have another one ready for future adoption application taking after the whole litter has their next progress exams plus vaccines. It shall be a BHRR invasion at LAH on the 7th!

AND all of their spays/neuters are now booked as per the court they wanted the litter done by 8 weeks yet due to my excellent standing with those legally involved with this case, we are able to do 10.5-11.5 weeks of age.

If all goes well and we have right match fit personality homes for all of them – they will be in their forever loving homes no later than December 22nd – which is also when we shut down each year for XMAS for we do not adopt our during the holiday season.

NOTE: all of our adoption processes and policies can be found on our home website including the application.

We can also say that none of these puppies shall be adopted to a home with children under the age of 8 plus to homes with more than two children if said interested homes do have children.

Additionally, a number of the puppies will not be approved to be adopted to homes with any children.