BHRR’s Gem Update:

The stunning BBBBB once known a D211 – puppymill Dane #211 and we have called BHRR’s Gem is getting closer and closer to giving birth.

Yup…she was just a number to track how much money was made off the babies they forced her to pump out. 

She is barely picking at her food, nesting and Annette – one of the toys you sent our way, a Stuffie Penquin has become her ‘baby’.

She is finding it harder to get comfortable, doing some pacing, a little panting from time to time and has decided that instead of the 8 x 5 x 4 custom whelping box Sean & Mason made for her comfort( BHRR’s Marbles was made 6 x 5 x 3), she wants the futon bed I have beside her whelping box and have been sleeping on to be by her side. I am trying to have some casual dialogue with her that this would not be my preference! 

BHRR’s Marbles had wanted to have her own rescue litter in April 2016 under my desk and she & I had a few conversations about that not being ideal!

BHRR’s Gem’s wounds have been healing wonderfully yet her spirit, soul and heart shall take much longer to heal. While she still does some flinching when my fingers trail gently across her mid-back when she walks by me – she will now want to be around me, not too close yet she does watch me – she no longer drops to the ground or cowers. I just go about my day and passively ignore her and she is getting used to me being around and the trust earned is slow yet rewarding….

She really feels comforted with the three night lights to help her feel a little more safe at night.

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson still ‘watches’ over her and she does derive peace in having him around.

Per a couple posts made, we have been busy working quietly behind the scenes as we ready everything for the litter of babies she is expecting soon.

She is only the 15th dog for us to assist in 2017. She most likely shall be the last we can assist in 2017 along with her unborn babies for we have to remain about quality, not quantity. Unless, we have more approved adoptions, our doors shall remain closed for intake until 2018.

In going through the list of items we still need for her and her puppies, I am posting an update of what we still need in case someone may have what what we are looking for or may consider our cause: 

1) Flannel FITTED Sheets – Queen or Twin
2) Duvets/Comforters/Sleeping Bags
4) Pet Valu Gift Cards 
5) Pee Pads
6) POWDERED Esbilac – 794 g is the better value
7) Large to XL Stuffies
8) Pinesol
9) 7 cases of PVD Essential Care Puppy canned food – Vet Food
10) 9 bags of 8 kg PVD Essential Care Puppy Kibble – Vet Food 
11) Dane sized durable/appropriate puppy play toys

BHRR’s Gem has a file set up at both Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 as well as Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848.

Email Transfer: 

We will keep everyone updated as we can….

Thank so in advance to all for any consideration as always!