BHRR’s Black Diamond is ready to make her special announcement!


You have come a far way beautiful girl!

BHRR never professes to be miracle workers.

We work to assess/evaluate each dog we are asked to help and to give each dog the individual program they need to help them become the best dogs they can be via our rehabilitation programs.

To us, rehabilitate does not mean to make normal in the sense that many would term as ‘cured’.

As we say so often, behaviour cannot be changed. Behaviour can be successfully modified and managed to be the best behaviour possible.

BHRR’s Black Diamond came to us reactive. A leash could not even properly be placed upon her, she was was not even part of the land of the living, she was so scared and shutdown. I know I have said this several times yet a reactive dog is not trying to give us a hard time, they are trying to tell us that they are having a hard time.

As we have helped her heal as she clearly was emotionally, behaviourally broken, she has gained comfidence, self-control and manners.

We gave her time, consistency, love, patience, understanding, obedience, structure to help her learn to like and love herself, make good decisions, to trust, to play, have self-control and once she decided that we were worthy of her trust and respect, her progress just made leaps and bounds.

To be clear, if she ended up in a situation that would trigger all that she overcame, she would absolutely resort back to demonstrating fear, lack of trust, and stress in the manner that she did upon arrival.

She is not ‘cured’, no dog is. She is a magnificent dog that needs to continue to be set up for success and in that right match forever loving home, she shall be!

She is great with people….just needs to be given a bit of space for her to size things up and treats also can help. That she may or may not take the treat is not what is important. What is important is the offering of the treat and it being associated with a positive experience.

She has had zero issues at the Vet when she was ready to go or when she had her professional photo’s done or when we have had people visiting us.

She can go to a home that works full time, part time, works from home, is retired or even semi-retired. Another amazing versatile BHRR dog.

We would prefer a home without kids under the age of 13 as children can and are often spastic plus flighty in their movements. She needs stability, clear open communication and to feel safe.

She can go to a home with or without another dog. What is most important is her having right matched personality fit friends to play with. She is great with the dogs at our home yet does seem to prefer when it comes down to it, males over females. She has been working her way up the doggie hierarchy where the girls are concerned with subtle body movements.

She is not a wallflower. This girl has strength plus backbone and needs a really dog experienced home, not necessarily a Dane experienced home.

It is unknown how she is with cats.

She travels wonderfully in the vehicle and is crate plus x-pen trained.

She is quiet and sweet and incredibly affectionate!

Each morning she just lights up when I say ‘Good Morning’ and is ready to take on all the adventures of the day! ?

She is truly wonderful and has taught me much and I remain humbled by her being willing to take the necessary steps to come to the land of the living…

She is a ham! A real character and she is going to make the home that is meant for her a truly amazing addition!

Proud of you, you gorgeous BBBBB!

Thank you again to Elizabeth for the help in getting her and BHRR’s Sambuca’s professional photo’s done and also thank you to Liz again for the gorgeous pictures!