I got her!

Here is the newest addition to BHRR!

Still needs a name!

She is quite skinny, terrible coat that is shedding a lot, is dull and full of dander. A nice oatmeal bath or two plus proper diet, getting healthier and taking a rubber curry brush will make all the difference to get her coat nice and shiny black!

She is just over 94 pounds and has a long body with ears that I fell instantly in love with! Not one yet two flying nun ears!

She is sorely in need of a nail trim yet enough was done to her today. She had her first Vet visit and lungs plus heart were given a thumbs up. While nervous, she already does already exhibit tons of potential to be a good solid dog.

What was so sad for us to observe was how she flinched and slunk down as you ran your hand gently down her back or across her sides. She would really tremble and shrink away. She would not stand for an abdominal or hind end exam and that is fine. That will come later when she goes back for a recheck and her boosters.

She had her initial vaccines today, and we took blood for her Heartworm plus tickborne disease testing and pre-op blood work in preparation to spay her.

When she is spayed, we will Microchip her at that time.

Now that she is home with me, she is beginning her de-worming protocol and will be placed on flea/tick & Heartworm medication.

She is drinking well and I could tell at work how hungry she was as she was eating all the grass and even dirt she could get a hold of. That was stopped fast. She will be fed four meals a day to help get her used to being fed and not feeling like she is starving and get her system back on track plus show her that she will be fed, be fed enough and that no one will take her food away. That it is hers.

She was very brave and her Vet even got a good look into her ears, took her temperature and had an initial quick peek at her eyes. Nothing abnormal noted.

When I put her back into the run while I got ready to leave with her, she was already more sassy.

I can tell….give her a few weeks. I think we may have a bit of a wee devil on our hands! Manners 101 coming up for her!

She also showed no reaction when another dog barked and yapped at her.

As she was ‘said’ to have been attacked at a dog park at a water bowl there, we will be monitoring things very closely as she becomes integrated. Apparently, she is reactive now around water bowls.

She did not come with a collar so she is wearing BHRR’s Capone’s old one…..made way smaller!

In one day shy of three months since she first arrived she is ready….once this girl began to move forward, just never looked back! ??

Welcome to BHRR you stunning BBBBB!