Now that BHRR's Lexy is settling in a bit better, her comfort level is getting much better and in being able to handle/love and touch her much more and all over; I noticed a tattoo. In doing some researching, I have managed to locate her Breeders. I am aware of these Breeders from also being part of the GD Show World and have been trying to make contact with them. Their contract states that they do take their 'dogs' back and as I told Sean, BHRR's Lexy has a 'look' about her that is not the typical 'byber type'. When I have tried to call them, the line has no vm and it 'hangs' up. I have since emailed them plus posted a 'request for contact' on one of the exclusive GD boards that we both happen to belong to. Will update as I can and took more pictures today! I have only two of BHRR's Lexy that I took last Friday and did post one on our BHRR FB Group and they are now on here!. 🙂