Busy times at BHRR!

BHRR’s Ani was at KAH last night for a quick exam and repeat bloodwork as we prepare for her third epulus ligament surgery.

Today BHRR’s Rain, one of our amazing Haven dogs went to her approved temp foster while BHRR’s Rickards left that same approved foster home to come to me. Thank you to them for stepping up to be his emerge temp foster for the last just shy of 6 weeks!

BHRR’s Rickards had a recheck today, we also did repeat bloodwork, he had his booster and another refill on antibiotics was given as his face/muzzle are battling some new area’s of rawness….he had finished his last round of meds February 8th. He was fawned and loved on by many and what a Mr. Nosey he is!! LOL It is great to finally meet him myself….I had been hearing from quite a few how fabu he is and he sure is!

Tomorrow, after work at the Hospital, I am making the long drive to Blue Mountains, Ontario with Mason and BHRR’s Baby Kaos to prepare for his home-visit for a possible approved adoption on the Sunday.

Thank you as well to Kelley for the donation of empty wine bottles and other goodies our way that Sean picked up today on his way home from work!

This picture is of the beautiful BHRR’s Rain in her approved temp foster home!

From our home to all of our friends and family, we hope that all of you have a most wonderful good night!