This gorgeous BBBBB is Raven!

Still Available for Adoption and still a loveable goofy nut!! 😀

She had her annual today at KAH and I am also running a T4 as she is quite plump. Could be all the treats in her truly lovely foster home 😉 ….and still being fed the same yet I want to rule out a thyroid issue. The home did tell me that she was putting on some weight and we want to be proactive to make sure that all is normal with her thyroid.

She has put on 5.3 Kgs since she began to be fostered.

She had a manicure/pedicure, I cleaned her ears and she rocked her exam! So friendly and social and curious!! Her Vet even commented on how great her coat looked. 🙂

This is the emaciated puppymill Great Dane mama that we were asked to assist and she needed a mastectomy as she was full of mammary masses and we sent everything off to histio for analysis. All came back a thumbs up and she has done extremely well since her arrival into our programs. 🙂

We all remain patient as we do with others in our adoptable program for that right matched personality fit home to find her!

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