Quietly in the background, two extremely important/sensitive situations have been worked on……

AND this handsome sweet boy is going to know just how special he is and in time, may he come to understand how caring plus loving hands can be and not hurtful or unkind.

On July 19th, I was asked if we could step up and assist this 7 month old Brazilian Mastiff and with angels by our side, he is heading into an emerge temp foster spot with a truly amazing home today……

He is going to need/have a new name for a new wonderful beginning and Name Guru’s, help?!!! I have also asked his emerge temp foster home for assistance/suggestions in naming him. 🙂

BHRR has not been able to assist any additional dogs since May 29th (BHRR’s Limerick) and we can only help those next in need of us as we have spots.

We adopted three BHRR dogs the week of July 11th and have another pending adoption – home-visit is this Sunday – and also, most sadly, we have for the very first time ever in our 20.5 year existence, a BHRR dog coming back August 5th, after over 4.5 years since he was adopted, due to a divorce. 🙁

I look forward in hearing more about this precious Fila after he arrives to his destination….thank you to his angels for stepping up to give him a beautiful safe haven.

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