Everyone’s Fav ‘gimpy’ boy is at work with me today. 🙂 Not the best photo….

His wonderful ortho specialist wanted us to wait until BHRR’s Baby Kaos was at least a year before re-visiting that leg of his.

Someone had asked me recently how much did I think he now weighs and I said between 100-110 pounds and today he was 102.08 pounds! So good guess-estimate on my part! 🙂

Per his specialist, after examining him today and watching him outside, he now wishes to wait until September before seeing if he should go back in to look at that knee again and check the cruciate.

He reviewed Kaos’ last x-Ray’s from March again and also told me that for sure he feels the arthritis that we knew he would one day develop in that knee.

What we do not yet know is if the limping and toe touching is Kaos’ ‘norm’ and as he is still growing – 13 months, his specialist has asked to wait a few more months and maintain the status quo on what we are currently doing with him.

So, for all of his fans plus followers, he is not yet going to be placed up for adoption and may never depending on what the future findings may be and that is ok. We are committed to life to him and have our BHRR Haven Program for a reason. 🙂

One step at a time for now though and it means more waiting as he grows plus matures with those growth plates. Thank goodness as I have said many times over, that he is a small male Great Dane. That is in his huge benefit!

Per his specialist, his personality is as delightful as it has always been! 🙂