BHRR’s Coach was brought to the Vet on Friday May 6th as he began to have the same thing that happened twice to my own special boy, my now RIP Soul(DEAF/Severely Visually Impaired), his one eye began to fill up with blood. In Soul’s case thank goodness it never had the underlying cause of glaucoma and his Vet team never did find out why this did occur to Soul.

By the time we got to the Vet, his other eye was beginning to fill up.

The biggest concern with dogs that are Blind or Severely Visually Impaired is Glaucoma. 🙁 Purse Puppy Coach also has always had Nystagmus.

We are using Pred drops in his eyes up to four times a day and will monitor pressure for if BHRR’s Coach develops Glaucoma we are in a very terrible position for BHRR’s Coach also has a heart condition. With this heart condition he does not yet have the need for medications(may never) but even neutering him(thank goodness he was not a spay as that would have been a much more involved discussion with even more specialists/vets) was a bit worrisome. Yet, neuters done by experienced knowledgeable great vets can be done so fast and safely and that is what we did for BHRR’s Coach when he was little.

However, Enucleation is a completely different story, especially a bi-lateral one. 🙁 He would never survive one surgery let alone two to remove both eyes. 🙁

Glaucoma is extremely painful. Extremely so……….

At this time, we have moved BHRR’s Coach to our HAVEN Program and here he shall remain……at least for now, quite likely for the rest of his life of which for any of our dogs, shall be quality first and foremost.

He is eating, drinking, and even per his Vet at KAH, was so happy and affectionate on Friday. He is playful and doing quite well right now yet his eyes are going to be monitored extremely closely as is his behaviour for as we know, animals’ are so stoic when they are in pain.

We shall not see him suffer and we are going to do all that we can along with his dedicated, devoted Vet Team that we shall also include a specialist at Alta Vista AH.

His weight was just shy of 24 KGS(52.8 pounds).