BHRR’s Mama GD Eve had her professional photo shoot tonight and I was so so so proud of her!

Melissa’s patience plus kind heart had Mama Eve, not once yet twice go to Melissa for some love.

This was such a positive experience for Mama GD Eve who has come such a long long way from when she first arrived at BHRR December 7th. Her confidence is stronger and she is more comfortable around people and is taking so much enjoyment in things that once made her worried and stressed. She lacked a lot in socialization and my heart is bursting with so much pride for her right now!

Here is a photo on our way home from the photo shoot! Cannot wait to see her professional pictures and then she is going to have a special announcement to make.

You can see that Mama GD Eve is equally proud of her bravery! She even was loved on by a kind employee at the Quickie also in Kemptville. All of these positive experiences shall continue to help her learn more and more about all the kind loving hands that the world has to offer!!

This beautiful soon to be Senior(7 this year) Dane has a massive part of my heart…..I absolutely adore her…..