Today is another big busy day for BHRR!

Purse Puppy BHRR’s Coco Chanel has now been dropped off for her own very special picnic play date!! Have a blast!! This home is really taken with her. What is not to love though!! She is beautiful, brilliant, inspirational, a real personality plus filled lovely girl!

She also remains so surprisingly to so many of us as still AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

AND, I have just dropped off BHRR’s Kaos at LAH to see Dr. Philibert for more x-Rays under sedation and an exam to help determine what the next step may be for that broken leg of his and the knee concern……he is now 11 weeks of age and 12.9 KGs (28.38 pounds) today!

In this photo he thinks he is going to ride shotgun! 

He just delights all that meet him!

We will post updates as we have them…..