UPDATE: We have been working on a transitional adoption with BHRR’s Angel Noelle, one of our incredible honorary Giants plus tripdods and to date she has had a play date with me at the home, one play date without me for a few hours which was a bit of a ‘tough love’ for her.

Then on Saturday August 15th she did an overnight date and on Friday August 21st she did a three night date….

I asked the home to please let her have some alone time to bond with him and not just her and it is working.

She is making the transition of bonding much more easily from Sean to them yet, with me she hunkers down and is quite resistive in ‘letting go’. I remain so humbled by her trust and honesty and heart plus soul that she has given me and, we want to make sure that we set all up for success so, in many ways, she is making this transition at a quicker pace than anyone may have thought yet, in a couple of other ways, she remains as I knew she would be so determined to stay ‘latched’ to me, next step, I want to try five nights and, have her come back again and, see if she is ready for the final move forever…..

I am so proud of her…..love her and I know that if I continue to do my job right, she will see me as a pleasant positive memory and experience and not feel her trust has been betrayed and that she has been abandoned….

Steps have been put into place since she became available for adoption to make her that well rounded plus balanced dog and she is showing her future community just how fabu she truly is! Leash manners, social skills, being a ham and so affectionate when she trusts…..

She is so dear to so many of us and patience is going to pay off…. 

Photo below is courtesy of her new forever loving adoptive home…..