So, we are on our way home from a special secret mission today!!

Back tomorrow with three more BHRR doggies for their own secret mission!

One of them has been waiting so patiently to make their special announcement and a big thanks to extend and, cannot wait!

This photo is of BHRR’s Griffin who has decided that riding shotgun in my front seat is the best ever! He was not happy to be relegated back to the back seat and tethered safely.

AND, he has proven yet again that under the right guidance and expert hands, he is a model canine. He did a bit of negative seeking attention behaviour when I first pulled up, I advised all involved to please ignore him and, he stopped.

He does not like being passively ignored and then to get your attention, he will begin to do appropriate displays of behaviour and, literally is mush in your hands. He was even sitting and laying down plus staying on command with one of the people there, someone that was a complete stranger to him. He is rewarded hugely for all the right reasons….and he responds!

The problem comes, just as it happened at the Open House, that people give him the wrong type and kind of attention, further enabling him and then, in trying to correct him, make him fearful.

He is a bit of a bully in some ways yet, a fearful young man mostly inside and, he is making leaps and bounds and, our hardest challenge remains in his rehab program is to get people to ‘listen’. AND, as long as people react and act in the wrong way – Give treats when he barks, talking to him when he barks, getting physical with correction on collar grabbing – he is going to remain with us in our rehab program.

We are not going to set him up for failure and, today was a perfect example of how outstanding this young dog is… the right hands, stellar! Absolutely, fabu.

AND, so we are going to keep working on increasing his circle of success and, when he is ready he will make his own special announcement. He runs hot and cold depending on who is interacting with him and, we just need more people to get with his program and, slowly it is happening! More and more people we see on the streets, out and about are helping to build him up correctly and reinforce all the right behaviours!

Yay! So grateful to the two Elizabeth’s today that helped make him shine like the amazing dog he truly is. Thank you!