BHRR’s Victory has been ADOPTED! Photo’s shall never do this gorgeous blue GD justice!
I liked this photo best!
She will go to their home on Friday July 10th which gives the home a few more days to get ready and it shall be the weekend.
Another home that fell in love with her at our latest BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’
Julie/Ben – I held on to that gorgeous leash(never used it, wanted to give it to the home that was the right matched forever loving fit) you gave to her as a gift and have passed it along to her new forever loving home.
This is such a superb dog and, full of personality and, another massive hole that shall be left in our hearts plus homes!
Thanks Tammie immensely for entrusting her to our care and thanks again Karen for helping to get her to BHRR to then successfully rehab for adoption!
‘Victory’ to ‘Victory’!! Could not have picked a better name for this beauty.
I am also going to miss her something fierce yet, she is ready for this next chapter of her wonderful future!!