Yet more wonderful testimony sent our way re: BHRR’s Victory.

“Hi Gwen,

 Thank you doesn’t feel like the right words, it doesn’t convey the deep feeling of gratitude that lingers as day turns to night.

 When we came to your Open House months back we met the lovely Victory. She chose my husband as the recepient of her affections and the two spent the afternoon on your sofa (violating the “no sofa” rules!). We talked a lot about Victory on that car ride home, and about how she displayed none of the reasons given for why she was surrendered to a shelter (supposedly aggressive, over protective and fearful of men). My husband is 6 foot 2 and Victory snuggled up to him as if she was an 8 pound lap dog!

 When the Picnic Date Auction rolled around I knew that a “date” with Victory would make my husband’s Father’s Day perfect! We bid on her, all fingers crossed…and we won the auction.

 The excitement level at our house climbed as the day with Victory grew closer and closer. Upon her arrival at our place it was clear to see Victory was excited too, makes me wonder if she remembered us!

 We took Victory immediately on a short walk around our neighbourhood so that she could get to know the 1 year old lab retriever Guide Dog puppy we are raising. It was immediately clear there would be no issues between the dogs so we brought them home to investigate the backyard.

 Both dogs took a few minutes to get familiar and began romping across the yard in a game of chase 🙂 Our lab can be a bit silly but Victory took that in stride and indulged him for a few minutes, loping across the yard after him.

 We brought both big dogs in, so that Victory could meet our tiny but mighty 8 pound Havanese. Victory barely batted an eye at her, both dogs immediately recognized that they were the older and wiser dogs compared to our lab 🙂

 Victory headed straight for the dog toys, chose the smallest one and settled onto a dog bed. She absolutely adored the attention from our 7 and 9 year old girls (and their friends!), rolling onto her back so the kids could rub her belly.

 She was ever so gentle when we gave her tiny bits of treats and walked like a dream on a leash.

 We were amazed all day by how easily she settled into a new (and busy) household, never once showing signs of stress or anxiety.

 This gorgeous Dane was the picture of a well-mannered dog…she was interested in the food we were preparing in the kitchen but never tried to take any of it, even from the kids who are eye level to her! She was respectful of our two dogs and carefully told our lab she was done playing with a quiet growl.

 We took her to our neighbourhood pet store where she immediately charmed staff and customers with her personality. We brought her home to enjoy her new smoked bone on our lawn. Gwen had cautioned me that it was a “high value item” and she would be protective of it. She enjoyed that bone and when it was time to take it away she did growl at us but quickly dropped it when we offered her a tiny treat in exchange. Listening to Gwen speak has been an education in its own right for us, dogs are dogs in the end, and we need to respect that. If I were eating my favourite meal and someone swooped in and took it away from me I would be mad, no different for dogs. We need to remember to be respectful of the signals our dogs are using to communicate with us.

 All of us flopped on our front lawn for a bit as various neighbours and friends stopped by to meet Victory. Again, as she had all day, Victory was happy to greet everyone and would quickly demonstrate what a gentle giant she was, offering full body snuggles to whomever wanted one 🙂

 Victory was VERY happy to see Gwen at the end of the day. She is such an amazing dog and SO deserving of a home (with kids!) that will adore her and appreciate this lovely girl.

 Thank you Gwen, for recognizing her potential, for rescuing her, and for sharing her with us.”