BHRR’s Salem (Great Dane/Mastiff) had a good play date! The family is one that she has been developing a relationship with at our two community education plus public awareness events of 2015.

This home of BHRR Volunteers have been helping me – the goal is to get our BHRR dogs into other people’s helping hands to continue making them the best dogs they can be in balance and roundness -to bring her to the next step of comfort and balance and, I thank them for that!

She was super excited to see me and, after a goofy playful greeting(she is usually such an ‘old’ dignified soul) that almost took me off balance, she was happy to run and play a bit and even did a play bow or two with this home’s own dog.

She is such a great dog. With continued patience and understanding, this girl will continue to take on all new things in her life with more confidence and social undertaking. She is still a bit unsure in strange situations yet, she has come so far in leaps and bounds in trusting people she does not know and we are so proud of her!!! At our second public awareness event she was practically a social butterfly! Nothing phased her and she took on the day with happiness and wonder at all the fabu things the world has to offer her.

She loved the kids at this play date and, proved how smart she was by using her foot to open their garbage pail.
This girl has carved a deep trench into a huge part of my heart with her courage, her willingness to trust and her vulnerability plus her sweetness would melt even the most hardened of hearts out there!

She is a truly amazing dog inside in out in gorgeous beauty!

Thank you to the home for this photo. It is SO hard to get a proper picture of her to show off how lovely she really is. I have her scheduled for some professional photo’s in early July(the earliest I could get in) to hopefully with the combo of all her wonderful blog posts, will help that right matched personality fit adoptive home find her!

Thank you to the home for everything PLUS the donations to BHRR!! Deeply moved by your hearts!

I also learned today that being around tons of transports on the highway makes her a bit worried. I got her to focus back on the yummy knuckle bone and, she settled down well. By the time I reached the home for the play date(over an hour away), when we passed a transport, she would get up, look at it and then turn and lay back down. Wonderful!

AVAILABLE For Adoption!