AND The Lord Stafford has been ADOPTED!!! We knew this home was a strong application and, all of us – thanks Kathy and Terry for the assistance today – are in agreement, he is ‘Home’. 
He really is…….
Great feeling in the heart and, hard also, yet, the great is what it is about!!!
So happy for him and, the home!!! 
Congratulations to all! 
The adoption fee will go towards BHRR’s Hercules, the GD that had the untreated broken leg prior to coming into rescue and requires a leg amputation.
Thank you to the home for the donation of some amazing harnesses also.

This adoption was hard….OMG! 
So hard this adoption yet, I had my private good-bye as he had to come into the bathroom with me….was not letting me go too far out of his sight….. 😉
I was stronger than I thought I would be…..Kathy as
ked me if I was ok when I was leaving, and, I was….   🙂 🙂
Almost everyone will not know that the home who adopted him, is the same home that who contacted us to assist our now BBBBB, BHRR’s Mavie. 
There were two Danes in that high kill pound, and, we took the one that needed us the most, the one with the two front deformed legs – BHRR’s Mavie with his now three major leg surgeries and, $16,000 plus Bills and the Ironman is truly worth it all!! Why we are here!! I could not imagine not saving The Mavie!
AND, the other Dane, DiD took and, so two more lives saved.
It was nice putting a face to the name and, they said they would have also loved BHRR’s Flint yet, he was adopted by the time they found him.

IMG_6894 IMG_6895