I cannot let today go by without wishing a truly incredible, miraculous amazing BHRR Haven Dog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
BHRR’s Porridge turns a miracle 7 years young today! 
This boy has beaten the odds! 
Born outside in the freezing cold, One of 9 pups…..I first was told about them when there were about 2 weeks of age….I made the 3+ hour drive to try to educate, beg, and plead for the O. to at least bring mom and puppies inside, if she would not surrender them. To no avail….
I left blankets and towels and food and, had a very heavy heart…..
It took one month before I could get what I needed to be able to legally get back to the property and seize mom/pups. 
Sadly by then, all pups but five had died and two of those pups plus mom had to be let go on site. 
The owner was feeding the puppies combined; only a total of 1/4 cup of food, two or three times a day(she could not remember how often she fed them.).
Out of ten precious creatures, I could only save three and, two had parvo. A local Vet took in those two to assist and, he ended up adopting our parvo pups when healthy – ‘Fiona and Tinka’ who also are wished a very Happy Birthday today! 🙂
I took the third, he was named ‘BHRR’s Porridge’ by my son, who was 7 at the time and, he was diagnosed with MegaE and, even being a group/home experienced with MegaE, his prognosis was given as poor and, we were told he would not live to 12 months, and, 18 months was a pipe dream…..
Well, that first year, we battled aspiration pneumonia more than once as he and we figured out the whole feeding regiment. 
The hardest part is that BHRR’s Porridge grew to a very impressive almost 41″ at the whithers, and, then you have to add, neck and head!
While not the tallest Dane ever had here, he is the second tallest.
Moving forward through the years, this boy continued to thrive and, steal the hearts of so many around him! 
In 2009, he took on a new challenge – Seizures
In the fall of 2009, he then had his first gas bloat
In February of 2011, he then had his second gas bloat
In May of 2013, he had to have a puncture biopsy of a suspicious growth on his muzzle – all turned out great
In March of 2014, he had to be rushed into KAH for breathing difficulties. We were told a possible nasal tumour was the concern. Much testing and traveling was done and, in the end, it is Inflammatory Nasal Disease that he has and, he is on Pred daily.
In January of 2015 he then battled food contamination from food donated our way by another group and he dropped almost 20 pounds. That was a very scary time.
We fast forward to end of March 2015 and, the GD that was said to not live to 12-18 months has now turned 7!!!
His weight is back up, not the lean 178 pounds he once was, yet close and he is happy, as healthy as can be and, while his body may move slower, his heart and brain are as youthful as ever!
When he is ready to rumble, body armor time it is!
His full blog can be read here: 
SO, from all of us to you our ‘Giraffe’, our ‘Papaya’ Boy, HAPPY Birthday!!! 
All of yours specialists are loving that you are proving them wrong! 🙂