The newest BBBBB has a name now!! The suggestions made from when we first posted her to today when she arrived to us have been incredible!! Just WOW!
Yet, as soon as Lois posted ‘Liberty’, I just knew it was meant for her….
It holds so many meaningful messages that I made in her March 28th, blog post.
AND, this photo below from March 28th does not really show the level of emaciation she does have. Every rib, her hip bones, all the vetebrae on her back are visible.
AND, yes that is poop over her back, rump and all over her sides.
First order of business when she arrived home with me, was clean-up.
Sean tells me that she is eating the small hamburger/rice meals well. She is going to be fed a bit, every three hours to start.
I learned that at one point before coming to us, she had also stopped eating and was getting very weak…..
A Vet has prescribed dosages of some meds for her that include metro and panacur and, I will bring her into work with me on Monday. She has a long road ahead of her and, we are with her every step of the way…..
She really is a grand ol’ Dame! 8 years young and, uber affectionate!


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