Here are BHRR's Hercules X-Rays from January 12th, 2015
 We took 15 and, I am not going to post them all for the total picture can be clearly seen in several. We did both right and left legs for comparison and to see what may be happening in the left front leg. He is in excellent shaped considering how bad that right front leg is. Amazingly so! If you click on an x-rays, it will enlarge in another window for more detailed viewing.

Per his one Vet:

"RF – Severe radius curvus and carpal valgus. Elbow joint is incongruent – there appear to be two radiolucent joint spaces? Suspect fracture of proximal radial growth plate. Severe osteophyte formation along the caudal olecranon and dorsal joint space. Severe osteophyte formation in the carpal joint."

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