I want to thank Suzanne for offering to be an 'early ' Secret Santa(SS) for BHRR's Bean! It is so appreciated and we are touched by your love and care for him. For anyone else thinking of being a 2010 SS for BHRR's Bean; the following items are ones that he would take great pleasure in receiving –

Costco Sherpa Blankets
Huge Smoked Dinosaur Bones
Huge Smoked Dinosaur Knuckle Bones

*Unfortunately, he is unable to really run and play and zip around with toys, but he does lay in one of the collosal crates with some of the Giant Rope Tire Toys, Giant Sized Ball Rope Toys and the squeaky Good 'Cuz' Toys.

I have added new pictures taken with my phone to his slideshow #7 and #8 and I have added them below. The 'grain' is not the best due to the flash but you can still see his lovely mug! That is his brother, BHRR's Frank laying the background and you can also see part of BHRR's Lily Belle's back!

BHRR's Bean – Saturday October 23rd, 2010 – 8 months of age

All monies raised to date for BHRR's Bean have all gone to his care in paying for his Vet Bills including exams, bw, sentinel, tramadol, deramaxx and clavamox, Massage treatments, any CWW sessions, Glucosamine and any comfort things such as blankets, duvets and Dino bones to give him the best quality filled life he can have. He is being fed FROMM Salmon and alternating that with FROMM Whitefish; high quality food that also carries glucosamine and chronditin to help him.

I am also really trying to keep BHRR's Bean 'mentally' busy plus stimulated with puzzle games and 'hide & seek' games etc. He is a very bright boy!