BHRR's Salem's bw came back and her HWT is negative 🙂

The BIG surprise to all, and, this is why we are so proactive and preventative in our Vet Care, while she tested negative for Lymes & Ehrlichia, she did test positive for Anaplasma. Shocking! She came to us overweight(not indicative of a dog that is positive for Anasplasmosis), she has had zero problems clotting(another sign of Anasplasmosis)  and, she has zero other clinical signs.

In talking in more depth with her Vet at KAH, she could have just been exposed to it as opposed to actually having it OR, she could have had it at one point and, no longer does. We discussed putting her on Doxycycline as the proactive treatment and, her Vet recommended to do a CBC and and Anaplasma PCR first to determine if this is even warranted.