Today, BHRR did adoption #369!
BHRR's Triumph with his new forever loving Daddy. Someone I have known for many many many years! Best of Congratulations to you both!
From the moment this sweet, amazing emaciated, terrified, broken hurt pup came into our program, I *knew* where I would love to see him adopted to.
As always, I never said a word. We do not believe in pressuring or pushing and, when the home approached myself seeking a new addition, I then brought forth who, I thought would be a great match fit.
AND, it is….
We did a slow transitional careful adoption process and, with patience, understanding under a kind, consistent hand, this wonderful boy will more than flourish in his new home as he has in my own.
Many tears this AM – great ones….some, tough ones for I will not see this boy for a long time due to distance BUT, I know that he is where he is meant to be!
Many years of happiness and laughter, memories and, joy being wished for them both.
This is another one of those extremely special adoptions to my heart……
Here is BHRR's Triumph's blog……….for those that may not remember his story, he was found in an abandoned apartment building after cries/screams were heard for several days and, someone finally went to investigate.
He had been tied up and, was tortured and, starved….
YET, that chapter is long closed….after a successful rehab, he is now beautifully adopted!

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