BHRR BOD member B. Cole has spent some time with us during his recent trip back to Ontario and, BHRR's Comet has been totally fine in his company and, so proud of her!!! She is doing so well! Still on the fence some days as to if we should move her to our Haven program FOR I do not want to ever see her set-up for failure FOR in the right set of circumstances of triggers, she will bite. That is a reality! Almost any dog in the world would if pushed…that is also a reality…..

She was even putting her head in his lap and, leaning and bumping for love!

With our upcoming BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House coming up, when there are less folks around, I will let her out. She is such amazing dog yet, she needs management of her manners and, reminders given of acceptable displays of behaviour. She is a HUGE talker and, a lot of bluff yet, an edgy girl when it comes down to it.

I am so so so proud of her!!! Just so proud!

Should she reach a point of being able to be placed up for adoption, an experienced home only will be approved. She is great with the other dogs yet, she does need to be reminded to stop being a bossy bit of goods at times. At other times, she is completely submissive to the other dogs yet, it almost always depends on her own mood! 😀