What another great year going out and visiting friends, putting faces to lovely folks, making new friends it was again this year at Pet Expo!
BHRR never sets up a booth at this event yet, we try to make it out every year on the Sunday in a show of support to others, by walking around, talking, laughing and, yes, socializing dogs! AND, as usual always a few welling up a tears!
From the moment we parked, Kinsley and I were almost mobbed!
I decided to leave the really big dawgs at home this year and, though, we could not connect as originally planned with friends in the AM to roam and scope; we were still able to get there by early afternoon and, gosh, what fun!!
Some recognised us as being BHRR folk by seeing BHRR's Angel Noelle and, the photo below is of a lovely women that I have known for a couple of years yet, we had yet, had the opportunity to meet face-to-face! She came over and, like a responsible dog owner(most were very responsible today!) asked if she could play with the dogs.
I told her who the dogs were and light bulbs went up on both of our sides and, it was like seeing an old friend!
Thank you again Janice for the gorgeous 'ADOPT ME' collar you bought for BHRR's Angel Noelle!
Thank you G. from New Beginnings for the donation of a 'I Need Space' collar to match the leash I bought! I was so happy that you had some left! AND, thank you for helping me to place it on my body so, people would 'respect' my personal space!! LOL
So many people that we saw!!! I know I am going to miss some!
Thanks has to be sent out to Regan and Marg of New Moon Rabbit Rescue for the great space to chill and relax and, talk.
Allie of Allie Pets, always a blast seeing you!
I was able to get waves in to Karla, Maggie with her gorgeous Aria, Dr. McKenna, Penny, Julie, France, Laurie short chat with Andrea and others of ODR plus with Brigitte of GDR, saw Sara L from a distance as she was doing her magic with the dogs with Flyball and, the time flew by!
I even got to do some loving on BHRR's Freedom(now known as Duncan) when his mom and dad stopped me. He left drool on me that I then managed to leave back on him!!
Only two moments that made me shake my head – Kajun Koffee decided that despite two visits outside to pee, he felt the cement by the Flyball was a great spot! Ooops!
AND, as someone that has been in these rescue trenches almost 27 years and, that Danes are very much my breed PLUS have 'just' a few years of behavioural education under my belt – 14 and counting, not to mention 27 in experience – just as not all dogs should be at a dog park, for behavioural and/or physical reasons, same as with events like this….. Still shaking my head over that one moment experienced……
Another great year had with so many awesome people and dogs and, looking forward to head out again in 2015 to show our support to other groups plus businesses there!