On Sunday October 26th, @ 11:11 AM, I received the following:
"Gwen —
I've now got the mastiff mix "puppy" — He is well under a year old and 76 lbs.  He is, however, very puppy-like, with a very sweet temperament.  He's strikingly beautiful and gets along well with other dogs.  In fact, I pulled a small spaniel mix at the same time and later learned that they were surrendered together, along with several others, who all lived together.  They are both in excellent shape, except for worms and fleas, which is easily corrected.  I took them to my vet yesterday, and he thinks the boy is a mastiff/boxer mix.

The female is still at the shelter and now urgent.  X spoke further with the workers there and learned that the dog-aggressive label on this girl is because she didn't get along with a female weimeraner at her house, after the weim was bred.  Prior to that, they played together.  And there were numerous other dogs with whom she also got along.  It's a damn shame when people label dogs as aggressive without providing all of the information available.  I don't even want to think how many die in our shelters as a result of this kind of misinformation.  It's very sad.  I am going to contact the shelter tomorrow and try to pry more info out of them and get them to test her, one-on-one, with other dogs.  X saw her yesterday but didn't have time to work with her at all because the shelter workers couldn't meet her until 9 A.M. and she had to pick up the 2 dogs and meet me an hour's drive later so I could make my vet appointment.  I'll let you know what else I learn, but I have a feeling this is a nice girl who deserves a chance."

**AND, the reason, why I(Gwen) am posting info. re: this Mastiffx puppy is that we have been monitoring to make sure that he did not slip through the cracks and, be pts.**

On Sunday Oct 26, 2014 at 2:50 PM, I said we would commit for she is the next in need of BHRR.

On Sunday October 26th 2014 @ 3:41 PM, I received the following with the information that this pup was NOT one from this Dane/Mastiffx female:
"She was an owner surrender from a different owner.   X said she's absolutely gorgeous"