This is BHRR's Ethel's REALITY Slide
She came to us at barely 64 pounds and has put on over 36 pounds in her successful rehab journey with BHRR!
All medical concerns were addressed, which included being spayed, having bloodwork done, de-wormed, specialist consults for her eyes, mirochipped, fecal, put on revolution, having urine cultures, vaccines and all other necessary plus proactive preventative procedures done.
She went through emotional and behavioural rehab at BHRR and she has also learned leash and house manners and, is a real personality filled classy lady!
She is currently AVAILABLE for adoption for that right matched forever loving home!
**BHRR has a huge expertise in the emaciated cases and, BHRR's Ethel is just one of almost 25 emaciated Great Danes that BHRR has been asked to assist over the last 18+ months.**
THIS is what your support enables us to do!!