Testimonial from BHRR Approved Volunteer Bruce J. Moquin:

BHRR Flint… An amazing puppy…

Honored as I am to write a testimonial on this Neo, whose primary job and role in life is to love everybody.  He does it so well. I begin to think back to the stories of where I have met this "cool dude" of the dog world.

I think back to late last year, where I was fortunate enough to watch Flint. We walked around Pet Valu, we walked around the parking lot. The entire time people stopped me, asked me if they could pet this wonderful dog. Flint's response was nothing but acceptance and encouragement.

The next time, I met this puppy was when I was helping to look after the BHRR clan while Gwen and family left on holiday in March. Flint was again there waiting for his turn, offering nothing but acceptance and an ear to scratch.  Then I heard that Flint had been adopted and a little piece of my heart broke, but I was super happy for him. Knowing that he was with his forever home. An amazing story for an amazing dog! What happens next – well you know!

In knowing that BHRR's Flint is coming to the microchip clinic, the entire trip from Casselman to Kanata, I was reminded with his recent experiences don't be surprised is a Flint is a little apprehensive to you. Understandably, however when he exits the car, and sees me he comes running towards me. Again that connection is made where a Flint offers nothing but acceptance and encouragement. 

How many puppies can say they have the ability to change someone's schedule just because they have a date in their calendar? If I arrive at the movie night first, perhaps I will be lucky enough to have BHRR as my "date" for the movies. I know Flint will offer up nothing but acceptance, love and that amazing ear for scratching…

BHRR Flint is an Neo , who has the ability to stop people on the street and offer his wonderful ear for scratching, and is ready for his forever home. 

BHRR's Flint – July 13th with Bruce at KAH/BHRR's Annual Event

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