BHRR's Ethel is at KAH with me today!
AND, her new weight is now 41.1 KGS(90.42 pounds). She was first rescued at barely 64 pounds and, this means that she has put on OVER 26.42 pounds since she arrived to us on April 27th, 2014! She still has about 10 pounds to go yet, THUMBS up Ethel!
We did her pre-surgical bw for her spay(we cannot find a spay incision to confirm already spayed), she got her latest revolution dose, had a mani/pedicure(ROCKED it), and, a very small growth was found between the toes of her back left foot. When she is spayed – scheduled for July 29th, we will remove it and send off to pathology if needed. The Vet looked at her eyes again and, she has limited menace capabilities and PRA is still the diagnosis for her almost complete blindness.
She also co-operated and, a current fecal shall be run.
She has blown through her touch and scent training and the flicking on and off the lights to come inside has been picked up like a pro for her.
The hard thing for me is to get updated photo's of her…she is so affectionate now and, likes to be really close to 'see' and feel you.
I will try again at the Hospital.
The Vet loved how nice and glossy and shiny her coat has become and though,. she still has some small dandruff here and there, her coat has really has made a beautiful turn!
After she recovers from her spay, she shall have her own special announcement to make! This gal was a MASSIVE hit at our June BHRR "EXPERIENCE' mini open house. 🙂

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