The new height I could get on Abbi with her wiggling was just under 25″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pis of Abbi below. I really love this gril. She is a natural leader in such an unassuming way and has been great in assisting me with other dogs that have come over for training with learning appropriate methods of communication and behavour. Abbi has a ton of patience yet knows what the boundaries are and if another dog steps over the boundaries, she is quick to step up to the plate and quietly show them the correct way of doing things. She is astounding. WISE beyond her age and she is a dog that if we were looking for a new female leader in our pack(we have Kona who is almost 9); it would be Abbi. Incredibly patient, nurturing, intelligent and just so calm. While small, she carries an air about her that other dogs naturally respect and she is not overbearing, dominant or imposing in the least. She is very gentle, kind and indulgent. She is so perfect as a leader female and in the 12 years of Rescuing, we have never encountered a female even remotely close to the abilities that our Kona(newfx) has for our pack and rescues that come in that Abbi clearly possesses. We truly desire to see Abbi in a home that will do Obedience with her and possibly Therapy work and use her talents to the nth degree for she is a very special dog. While small, her spirit is so huge and somehow this gal has wiggled her way deep into my own soul and I will miss her very much.