I have to take new pics of Mazda and to post them. She is literally a small tank right now this girl! She also possesses an incredible calming effect on our KB/JB and so along with Cherokee, one will often find the three of them as three peas in a pod be it inside or outside. All too fast, the end of March is coming and we are no closer to finding the forever home for Mazda that she deserves. While we adore her and will always do our best by her etc., we really feel that she should be queen of another home and it is very distressing to see that this has not yet happened for her. She is quickly becoming the animal that has been in our program the longest in the 12 years that we have operated and there truly is no need for this to be this way. She is so beautiful inside and out, is eager to please and would make an excellent addition to a family and loves to play, has an lovely plus hilarious enthusiasm for life.