K. Boers – Nomination #3 For Global Pet Foods Heoric Heart

I am 11 and would like to nominate my mom, Gwen. To all the animals’ she has helped, she is their heroic heart hero. My mom is sincere, humble, full of integrity, selfless, a volunteer who works tirelessly and she is not only there for the animals and people of BHRR, yet, also for others. Gwen has said often, 'it is not about my rescue or their rescue, it is about all of us rescuing together and by doing so, more animals can be saved, making a bigger positive difference.’ My mom tells me that everyone involved is part of that *chain of success*. Another thing is that Gwen lives by quality over quantity. My mom leads by wonderful example, has operated, BHRR – a Giant Breed dog and Horse Rescue – since 1996, and, is quite respected. Gwen is passionate and, she focuses on the special needs. Yet, she will always, take in the next in need, no matter size, age, colour, sex, breed, medical condition if she has a spot. She even has an amazing BHRR Haven program for animals that are deemed not adoptable. I am proud of my mom for she is here 24/7 for all of her Volunteers and helps others outside of BHRR. She makes every person and animal feel valued. My mom takes in the animals that many others will not or cannot and these animals can often have bills up to $10,000. She stands strong for animal welfare such as trying to help a dog in a car left in a store parking lot back in 2013, that received much publicity. She is also the creator of the ‘Freedom Dogs Unite’ Fb page, founded when the PRU puppymill bust happened and, still volunteers at the emergency shelter, yet, also wanted an educational support page to keep creating awareness. While others sleep, my mom is answering requests trying to find spots for dogs in other programs when her own group has none. She does not just say *no*. Gwen works hard on educating the public to do the right things. She visits schools and she has a walking group that brings other responsible dogs lovers together, to support each other plus network. The adoption success rates for BHRR are paralleled by none. 100% for over 10 years and now 99%. It is about each and every animal that comes my mom's way getting everything done the right way each time. She has a Masters degree, is finishing up her Doctorate and she belongs to many organizations including doing animal disaster relief efforts and does this to help improve animals’ lives. She has also been to places like Mexico to volunteer after being invited to lend her expert hands and is now invited to Costa Rica and DR. Hero’s can wear many hats and sometimes the most heroic ones in rescue are the quiet ones that are also great mom's plus inspiring role models to little girls like me.  http://www.globalpetfoods.com/heroicheart