Anonymous – Nomination #2 For Global Pet Foods Heoric Heart

I would like to nominate Gwendilin Boers. There is much on the website that talks about all the wonderful plus much needed things done daily at BHRR. I would like to talk about some of the things that people may not commonly know that this wonderful woman does in addition to all of the special needs dogs plus horses others either can or will not assist over the past close to 19 years with BHRR, including in their Haven Program, a real heaven sanctuary for animals for life. For over 15 years now, she has helped women in domestic abuse situations, by taking in their pets free of charge, providing food, shelter, complimentary training, love and even pays for Vet Bills, so that women can leave(often with their children) abusive situations. A staggering number of women will not leave these home situations as they have pets. Gwen steps up to the plate, all behind the scenes, quietly doing what needs to be done and, she will even drive through the night to help. She will bring hot meals to these women/kids, drop off clothing and, brings the dogs for visits so that the family can stay connected. She even circulates resumes to help these women find work. She has also helped more than one animal, right out of her own pocket whose Owners who could not afford to vet their pets, just so that the homes could keep their cats or dogs or horses and, even exotics. She helps other rescue organizations with transport, vet bills, free behavioural consults, home-visits, company in the middle of the night be it at home or in an emergency animal hospital and cross-posting etc.. She helps people who take in animals on their own, who are not affiliated with any registered rescue with Vet Bills making sure that they are vetted including altered. Over 7 years ago, Gwen created, what has now become the largest microchip clinic in Canada due to the importance of trying to see more cats and dogs find their way home if lost or stolen. She takes in dying dogs that owners will say they will shoot or hang as they think that is the best way to put them to sleep, and, Gwen will humanely let them go and, pay all of the bills. These are some of the things that one may not find on the BHRR website or be aware that Gwen does in addition to all the rest of the Volunteer duties she fulfills with her rescue work as the Founder plus President at Birch Haven. She is a rescue angel…a true hero. Doing what needs to be done, as hard as it has to be. She saves animals yet, she also saves people.