Here is the Testimonial sent my way by the kind person who won the special picnic date with BHRR's Dyson. This individual is also a very valued BHRR Volunteer of ours.

Rachel Ng:

"Hi Gwen, this is my testimonial on BHRR Dyson.

I have known BHRR Dyson since the day he came to BHRR and he has certainly come a long way.

On that first day, I remember him being distrustful and uncertain of the outside world. With a loving environment and proper care, he has now blossomed into a goofy, playful and curious dog that has never met a dog/person he hasn't liked (that i have witnessed).  He greets everyday with the same excitement and joy.  Once he knows you are trusted, you have gained a friend.

I have seen Dyson interact with dogs of all ages and sizes; both familiar and unfamiliar to him. I have found that as long as an introduction is done properly, Dyson will have made an instant friend. Most recently, Dyson met my dog and got along famously with her. Through the day of hiking and picnicking, both seemed to enjoy each others company and even lay together for a rest. For my dog to accept an unfamiliar dog and be comfortable enough to lay beside and be touching the other dog is truly saying something about Dyson!

As for people, he seems to enjoy the company of everyone and anyone. I have only ever see him react to a few men. The reaction has always been the same: a low growl, no lunging, his tail wagging…it almost seems more like a curiosity reaction with a mix of unsure. That being said, these men have all been wearing hats and sunglasses, their face/features hidden. When this has happened, I have been able to easily divert his attention and continue with our activity.

Overall, Dyson is a great dog and would make a great companion to that right family. He has come a very long way from that distrustful and unsure dog. He still carries some of his past with him though, but in the proper hands, it will matter naught."