Another versatile dog! She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, away from home, retired or semi-retired. She is about ~5 years of age.

She can be an only dog or live with another right matched personality fit dog. It will be important for her to have continued exposure to other dogs for, with her being almost blind and, slightly hard of hearing, I do not want all the groundwork laid by BHRR to go by the wayside as, she lives in a multi-dog home and, is solid with all dogs. Meeting strange dogs can still be a bit worrisome to her and, as, it is important for us to have our friends, it is the same with dogs.

She is such a personality filled dog. She is NOT good with pocket pets and, I would not trust her with cats, yet, she has not had any issues with cats that we have seen at work, at the Hospital or at PetSmart, Pet Valu etc. I still would not feel it in a feline's best interest to approve a home with a cat or two or more.

She has proven 100% trustworthy in our home and, has full run of the house and, remains crate-trained(she loves going in a crate for quiet time) for as many know, it makes life so much less stressful on them and, the home and, a Vet Hospital should a dog have to go into a run or be on crate rest due to an illness or injury. We do not recommend any right matched home to leave her with full access until she has settled in and, all of this is covered in our very detailed adoption  info. packages sent out to all of our approved homes.

hank you to Liz Bradley for meeting with me to do this wonderful Rescue PAWTRAIT session on August 24th. YOU are so talented!!!
She is still putting on a bit of weight, and, though, she is almost blind and, slightly hard of hearing(some of that is selective!), she has just made me so proud of her accomplishments since her arrival to BHRR on April 27th, 2014.
She is going to make some lucky home a very personality filled and extremely affectionate one! WTG! Beautiful gal!
She has put on almost 35 pounds and, this once emaciated, puppymill Mama with an extremely severe UTI, with zero training is, beautifully rehabbed! She is a thrivor!!!

She is a riot! She may have had her body crushed and broken yet, they could not break her spirit or will to live… she survived being so starved, almost blind, hearing affected, severe and, I mean a severe UTI and, then dumped on a road to fend for herself when they had no more use for her, is a true testament to her backbone and strength…..she really did not have much more time though, and, I am so glad that she was picked up when she was and, we were contacted to assist her. She really is a hoot!

She and HQD are like two ol' mother hens! She has such a spritely springy step when she trots.

BHRR's Ethel – August 24th, 2014

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