Today's wonderful 'feel good' mushy moment for today! 😀

A Gwennie Novel one!  😉

BHRR's Triumph, the emaciated and terrified GD puppy that had been beaten, starved and found in an abandoned apartment building finally had enough bravery and courage to do what he has been slowly working up for some time….sleeping out of his crate and, coming into the master bedroom to spend the night. 

Over the past couple of weeks, you could tell he wanted to stay in the master bedroom and sleep there yet, when it came time for bed, he would look at the bedroom and at his crate on the main area and back, at the bedroom and, when quietly, calmly and positively encouraged to come in, he would take one or two steps towards the bedroom but, then would scurry towards his crate and lay down in the corner. We have been leaving the crate door open for some time now and, he has proven 100% trustworthy in our home, and, so, we would tell him we loved him and to have a good sleepie and, that we would see him in the AM. We would passively ignore and, make no big deal out of his fear.

The last several nights, he would come into the bedroom, lay down on a Costco dog bed or Kuranda bed and, just as we would urn the lights off(we do leave a night light on), he would get up and walk to the door and, sit watching us. We would then open up the door and, tell him that we loved him and, to have a good sleepie and, we would see him in the AM. We could see how torn he was and, in the AM, more often than not, he would be laying on a dog bed right outside our bedroom….compliments most likely of HQD(BHRR's Salma).  

Well, guess what he did last night?!!! He was so brave and full of courage!!! He went into the bedroom in determination with HQD right by his side and, we just knew that this time, it would be a different experience for all of us that night……for HQD to 'give up *her* couch' for a night(yes, I am well aware that she gets on the couch at night when we are asleep…heck, she does it right in front of my face!  ) LOL – we knew, that this night would be super special. 

In preparation, I did have to make one 'change' to the schedule and, that was to haul HQD's bed in and, she had her special blankets already in her mouth dragging them alongside her. It only took me 10 minutes to 'figure' it out(stupid human I know) just exactly where HQD wanted HER bed set-up….sigh….  Just how does she 'put up with me?!' 

AND, we were right….inside we may have been filled with excitement yet, on the outside, the norm it was in routine and, as we shut off the lights, we heard a motion and, then, as we turned on the lights, we saw HQD had moved from her own pile of special HQD blankets and, was laying on a Kuranda bed with BHRR's Triumph and, had a blanket half on him. 

AS, I apparently interrupted her progress, I got the 'stare' (ONLY how HQD can give!) and, then she turned her back on me, got BHRR's Triumph all tucked in and, then tucked herself in and, lay next to him….

Soon, snores from her could be heard and yes, she may be royalty BUT she sure can saw those logs!  😉

Wish I had my phone with me as, I would have snapped a photo. Then again, maybe, I do not wish to have had it with me for HQD would be most displeased to have her beauty sleep affected! LOL

He slept the whole night and, only got me up around 5 AM to begin the day.  

Beaming over here!!! Beaming! AND, HQD BHRR's Salma can put me in her bootcamp ALL she wants for, that she is one amazing dog!! 
I wonder what tomorrow shall bring?! Love my life!

Happy rainy duck weather Tuesday from BHRR and HQD and BHRR's Triumph!