I am moving BHRR’s Lily Belle under a ‘PENDING ADOPTION’ until we determine if the application we are currently reviewing is the right matched home for her. Until we can ascertain if this is a best matched fit; BHRR will not be taking in any more applications nor inquiries on BHRR’s Lily Belle at this time. Thank you for your understanding and it should not take too long before a decision can be made. I am also adding two pictures taken from September 1st, 2010 of BHRR’s Lily Belle and her best of friends Frost, a GD pup around BHRR’s Lily Belle’s age that we were temp loving on for 5+ months and who left on Friday September 3rd after transport was arranged to send her back to her Breeder in the USA. Frost is missed very much at BHRR and is the great granddaughter of my own beloved RIP Maggi and great niece to my own beloved RIP Phantom. We were very blessed to have had the time we had with her. My intent is to bring BHRR’s Lily Belle into work with me one day next week to obtain a new weight on her. She is eating marvelously and is taller yet is still about 5-7 pounds less than I would like to see on her at this moment. She is quite active, drinking wonderfully, eating as mentioned marvelously and no diarrhea etc. and that weight shall continue to come. Her coat is just so soft and she is one affectionate girl and that ‘tongue’ protuding on her is simply adorable!

BHRR’s Lily Belle with Frost, 9+ month old GD & BHRR’s Lily Belle, BHRR’s Windsor & Frost – September 1st, 2010