BHRR’s Ava Marie had a great recheck appointment at LAH on Thursday. Thanks being publicly extended again to Barry for the assistance in getting her to her Vet appointment! The Vet thought her knee was good as is her other knee that was repaired on May 21s, 2010 and he did do a bit of draining on both knees and upon looking under the microscope, all was well, serum and soooooooooooooo, BHRR’s Ava Marie is now in the ‘all clear’ to not only have her *date* with the person who won this item as part of Ava Marie’s recent ONLINE Auction BUT….she is now officially ready to be placed as ‘AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION’. I literally find myself choked up with mixed feelings in reaching this point in her journey for the lessons, experiences, wisdom etc. that BHRR’s Ava Marie has extended my way during her time her at BHRR has just been incredible. This girl is full of the best heart, soul, acceptance, tolerance, patience, kindness and love that I have ever had the pleasure of encountering and of course, CANNOT forget those amazing velvety ears of hers! As with all the animals at BHRR, we are very protective of BHRR’s Ava Marie and she shall ONLY go to a home that is going to understand that she is my literal $10,000+ dollar girl yet in reality truly ‘priceless’. That she has had two very extensive surgeries on her knees, has battled an amazing weight loss, has significant arthritis in both of her knees and is not going to go to a home that is going to ‘pound’ the pavement with her, that is going to give time to icing her knees and massaging helps too(this part from Ava Marie!) and that her weight is going to be managed properly, that truly *sees* BHRR’s Ava Marie for who she is and not this ‘big ol’ Great Dane’ or a ‘broken’ dog for she is anything BUT! BHRR’s Ava Marie will make an incredible Therapy Dog and companion to almost any home. We would love to see her go to a home with one other dog(her best friend here is BHRR’s Apollo), yet a dog that is not going to be too much for her yet on the other hand, not a ‘pushover’ for BHRR’s Ava Marie has personality herself. This home must also understand that she might need more draining done on her knees in time and probably more than once. We are going to be very patient as we are with all of our adoptions for that right matched home for her and I am going to cherish each moment I have with her until it is her time to be adopted as this is one very incredibly special Great Dane. I truly do feel welled up inside that the time has come to think about us having to part ways and it is such a good thing for her and going to be a very very very sad time for me. Even one of the Vets tonight that I work with was just amazed at how fantastic she looked and how well she has done…GO BHRR’s AVA MARIE GO! Below is a picture that I took on September 1st, 2010. DOES she look marvelous! A waistline, muscle, toning and she can move! When I went to go to bed the other night, I was looking around for her as I say goodnight to each and every dog before I call it quits for the night myself and I could not find her! AND then I look closer on our king size bed, I thought it was Dyce’s rump yet it was hers. FOR those that have seen our master bedroom, this is no small feat to get up on that bed and here she was, laying on her side, snoring away(do not tell her that she snores!) and as comfortable as can be. She was not so pleased to see me ‘get her off the bed’ as there was not going to be room for me BUT to thinkg that she was able to get up on it in the first place is awesome! SOMETHING that would have been considered the ‘impossible’ back in March when she first arrived to BHRR. Now, she has not gone back up since for she was most ‘put out’ by my actions.  😛 AND when I try to encourage her to come up for a cuddle, she turns her head aside in a pout and slowly turns away to lay with great effort and many loud sighs on one of the dog beds…LOL What a character! I just adore her…..

BHRR’s Ava Marie & BHRR’s Ava Marie with BHRR’s Potter – September 1st, 2010