On Saturday June 14th, 2014, Lion King BHRR's Pumbaa had his special picnic date with a very loving and beautiful family – he even was skyping!
(thank you for the comforter and CWW sessions for him and the other BHRR M&M's!)
After his special picnic date, he and I went to visit PVARDaryl Leonard, Stuart J Fraser) at PV Stittsville for a bit of a great chat AND, hung with the lovelies of Melissa Gingras-Lepage & Breanne Jacklin for another hour or so. He loved the cat there, rocked it with all dogs and, continues to just beyond adore every human he meets!
I snagged a very special photo of the PV angels for back in April 2014, BHRR was the recipient of their PAWS month and, their goal was to raise $5,000 for BHRR, well………between the PAWS sales, and the absolutely incredible PAWS weekend we had with them again this year, a check for $5,140 was given to BHRR yesterday…..Yes, my hands shook, my lower lip quivered and, tears sprang to my eyes….
BHRR is a giant dog rescue, horse rescue and focuses on the special needs. We go through over 100 pounds a food a day at a cost of over $6,000 a month, and, we only host four planned fundraisers a year and, we try never to burn out our community by asking, begging for donations…..and, we remain so humbled deeply by all that comes our way, be it $5 or $50 or a towel, a bag of food and, especially a kind word.
Most of our bills are covered via the pockets of Sean & I and, this check will go a LONG way to pay for another couple of weeks of food and, making a dent in our almost $8,000 in Vet Bills.
THANK you to everyone that helped make April an incredible month, not just for the animals of BHRR yet, for many other r/q Rescues chosen by other PV's in the community! Thank you for being a BIG part of the CHAIN OF SUCCESS! 😀

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