BHRR's Maverick has his special picnic date on the 13th of June and, I was a bit worried leaving him at first(left lots of treats!) as, he was somewhat uneasy. Yet, my instincts told me that once he did not have me to rely on, he would settle in and, show all how WONDERFUL he really is and, a bit of a gooberhead goofball also! 😉

He was good with their cat, their other dog, their kids, and, the home's mother, got over his worry of her husband and, had a lovely afternoon!

I dropped him off for around 11:15 AM….

AND, here are the messages sent my way on his day:

At 12:26 PM: 
"Mav is already doing better, he's wandering around and he's been out in the backyard and pooped! I put out a blanket and toys for him but he prefers to sit on my knee LOL but he is much more relaxed now :)"

At 2:14 PM:
"Mav is taking a little nap after a nice walk 🙂 he's so good on a leash! He is going to make an awesome Addition to any family. He's great!!!! :D"

At 4:53 PM:
"Oh my gosh, if I could adopt him I totally would. He is such a sweetheart and soooo good about everything! {insert heart} thank you for the wonderful picnic lunch! And for bringing this fantastic boy for a visit :D"

At 4:59 PM:
"I think I got myself a new shadow hehe I can't go anywhere without him now lol"

Here are some photo's of his day! Thanks to Sean for taking one of the special lady who won this picnic date and, thanks to the special lady for the other photo's! 🙂

Img_8229 photo 1 (3)
IMG_8213 IMG_8219